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Testimonial by: Dave Watchorn

If you are considering that "once in a lifetime" hunt, I would highly recommend contacting Mark and Cindy Zimmermann of Select Worldwide Hunting Safaris as a first step. Prior to my first African trip, I spoke with a number of safari representatives at hunting shows, read brochures, reviewed websites, compared services and prices, and generally considered a wide variety of options in terms of destination, time of year, safari firms and animals I wished to hunt.

Ultimately I chose to use the services provided by Mark and Cindy, and have not regretted doing so. Mark was candid in his recommendations for choices of outfitter, support services and travel arrangements, which were not only greatly appreciated by a first-timer, but also right on the money in terms of services provided and value for money spent. Mark and Cindy took care of the paperwork for importing my firearm, put me in contact with a knowledgeable and capable travel agent who had experience in dealing with transport of firearms, arranged for the "meet and greet" service provided by Hunter Air Support, and ensured that my outfitter and PH was aware of my goals for a first safari. All of these services contributed to the overall experience and made the trip more enjoyable and nearly hassle-free. About the only thing they couldn't help with was the length of the flights required!

I would also recommend Tinashe Hunting Outfitters as a destination. I was met at the airport by owner and PH Clayton Fletcher who helped with all the details, from clearing my firearm and ammunition through South African Police Service to guiding me on the hunt itself. I was fortunate to collect eight species ranging from duiker to Cape Buffalo on a ten day hunt, and feel that all were good representative specimens of the area, and were taken after a considerable expenditure of energy in some cases. We looked at a good number of animals before selecting those harvested. Tinashe caters the hunt to the individual hunter, dependent upon the goals for type of trophy desired and your physical capabilities. Both rifle and bow-hunting clients are welcomed and good animals are harvested by all. While I was there, a client from Turkey harvested a large, mature dark-maned lion and another from France shot a lioness, so it is apparent that Tinashe is a desired destination with an international clientele. And well it should be, for they offer first-rate accommodation, food and service!

In summary, Mark and Cindy Zimmermann of Select Worldwide Hunting Safaris provide an excellent service to their clients, making a distant hunt not only possible, but far less stressful, from initial planning to delivery of your trophies. I have already booked my next hunt using their services; back to Tinashe for plains game, and we are looking at the possibility of a New Zealand hunt with Gary Herbert as well. I did so with confidence, knowing that my needs will be addressed.


Dave Watchorn


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